The mountains are calling…

and I must go. -John Muir

Let nature put you at ease. Let it unfurl your brow and fill you with breath. Let it open your mind and soothe your soul. Let it shine on you, or mist on you, or pour on you. Let it lighten your load with each step as clarity washes away petty stressors. You got this. Let it crackle under your feet and fill you with childlike joy and innocence. May you laugh as it reminds you of YOU, sweet beautiful loving YOU.

Nature holds answers to questions we don’t even know we have. Go. Be held quietly, or loudly in the arms of this amazing wisdom. Let her remind you of life and death and rebirth. Feel the ancient timelessness of her years and years and years of being. Tell her your secrets. Ask questions. And wait. Listen. Allow the most humble yet profound knowledge to wash over your being. Go. Go. Go.

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