What exactly is Body Code Healing and how does it work?

Body Code Healing is a wonderful way to let go of tension, strain and energetic pollution from the body systems. Clients often feel immediate lightness, relief, clarity and new energy as the ‘confusion’ of disharmonious energies are released  (think Pig-Pen with the dust circling around him being old imbalances, emotions, thought patterns, toxins, traumas, etc.).

Depending on the focus we have for the session, Body Code works in layers, sometimes bringing us way back to childhood imbalances, and sometimes keeping us right here in the last year, or recent months events. I work primarily by phone or via email proxy or live at Cavallo Point Spa, cavallopoint.com/spa/healing-arts-services/energy-work. By phone or email proxy, that means I ‘stand in’ for my client while dialoguing with the subconscious mind -on the phone, or on my own. I use applied kinesiology to muscle test as we navigate through 260 different mind maps that guide us to the specific imbalances. I then use a magnet to release the energetic imbalance by running it down the governing meridian. The six main areas are energies, toxins, pathogens, nutrition & lifestyle, circuits & systems, and misalignments. Within those six main areas, there are the 254 sub-areas covering everything from chakras to meridians to every system in the body, all thought patterns, bacteria, food and environmental toxins, physical traumas, sleep disturbances, and energetic cording, to name a few. When I work with children and animals, mostly I do the entire session remotely without ever meeting or talking with them simply by having some information from the parent or guardian and working as proxy for them on my own (while taking notes to send to the parent/guardian). Believe it or not, at times, I feel more connected during remote sessions than when I am speaking to someone via phone. I think it’s because I have a deeper connection when not ‘talking’ consciously at the same time as being deeply involved with the process (more on my blog post “The Proof is in the Children”).

For some, this concept that we can heal without a lot of drama time, and effort is still quite new. This is not to say that Body Code Healing is immediate with one session only (sometimes big changes happen in one session, sometimes many), or that it is the perfect modality for everyone. We all have to find what works for us individually. The whole purpose of writing my book, Be Well: 100 Ways to Heal Your Body, Feel Your Joy, & Love Your Life, https://thisnourishedlife.com/the-book/, was to share just that. As individual as we each are, we need to find what works best for us (and that will change as we do : ). That said, I have found Body Code Healing to be the most comprehensive, gentle, life-changing healing method thus far. I also love to mix it with other favorites, and you should too!

If you are still trying to wrap your mind around what this kind of healing is all about, check out the movie e-motion, https://www.e-motionthemovie.com, where a handful of experts (including the founder of Body Code) explain how these energetic imbalances can influence our lives. The movie mostly focuses on emotions so keep in mind that while in a Body Code session though we spend a chunk of time on emotional energies, there are also many other significant areas to explore.

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