The Proof is in the Children!

Sometimes people ask me, “How can we know that Body Code healing works?” It seems so simple and it’s hard to wrap our, often overthinking, analytical minds around such a concept of healing, and in many cases, profound healing. I understand because even though I have repeatedly witnessed the incredible benefits in myself and others over and over again, it’s still a new concept that deep healing is possible across distance and without a lot of pain and effort. Many people are still stuck in a paradigm that one must struggle to heal, take time to heal, or many steps, processes, drama, and drugs to heal.

Body Code is an incredible form of healing and the proof (for those who need it) is in the children! What does that mean, you ask? Well, nearly all of the children I’ve ever worked with, I never met. In fact, I just receive permission from a parent and go to work on them remotely (my favorite thing to do, by the way, along with animal sessions).  And every time, the proof is in the children because t h e y   c h a n g e !  Children are amazing testaments to the awesome powerful healing of the body code system, and most often quite quickly! Adults, on the other hand sometimes take longer to see/feel results because we have more life, aka; more energetic crap built up, plus we doubt and overthink instead of allowing and receiving and believing (the reason I created one of the faces of my business cards to read “allow, receive, believe”).

It’s such a joy to receive an email from a mom or dad who often immediately sees a difference in their child. How could we/they possibly make that happen or make that up? We can’t. So, when I’m faced with skepticism (I am) I just say, “The proof is in the children”.  Body Code healing is incredible, effective, and changing lives!

So, if you haven’t tried it, go on,… b e l i e v e  with me and get yourself, or your family members (including the furry members – or the skeptical members) a session -or several and see for yourself!!  Read more about it here,, or stay tuned for my next blog post: What exactly is Body Code Healing and how does it work?

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