Each Body Code healing session that I have had with Jeniffer has uncovered and healed issues that otherwise I have never been able to get to. I’ve been engaging in and studying numerous healing modalities for over thirty years, and feel strongly that Jeniffer’s work is one of the most comprehensive approaches to uncovering, understanding, and healing anything that is holding you back from your fullest life and greatest destiny.

- Jon Rasmussen, Shaman, Author, Teacher

I cannot say enough about my Body Code appointments with Jeniffer Legge. As a Traditional Naturopath that works with emotional release techniques, I found a very deep value with the Body Code. This amazing tool provided the structure to uncover deeper issues and challenges that I was not even aware of. And even better yet, once these deeper challenges are recognized, I was then able to enjoy the release of these past suppressed issues. The guidance of the Body Code along with Jeniffer’s compassionate and loving personality provided the perfect combination of healing and release for me. I am sure it will for you too!

- Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath, Depke Wellness

OMG THIS WAS THE EASIEST BEDTIME I HAVE HAD IN A YEAR!!!!! I am endlessly grateful. I’m in shock. It usually takes me 90 minutes to get him to go to bed and it only took me 20 minutes and 2 checks instead of 10 checks. He seemed totally at ease. THANK YOU!!!! You have no idea how much this is going to change everything for me.

- Sarah Jenks Brajtbord -about her son, Marshall

Jeniffer Legge is an amazing Body Code practitioner! After only 2 sessions, I was able to release a massive amount of anxiety that has been plaguing me for years. Working with her is a joy as she creates such a safe and loving space for exploration. Jeniffer is a sweet, gentle and understanding soul. I am so honored to have her as a part of my journey of healing!

- Jenn Cass

I am so grateful to have found Jeniffer and her work. She is truly gifted at what she does. Body Code Healing is unique and unlike anything I’ve experienced, and Jen brings an intuitive healing + coaching experience too, layered with kindness and the ability to deeply connect to each session. She creates such a comfortable, beautiful and loving space to feel safe, allowing me to share very personal things. There was a part of my life I couldn’t seem to figure out or change. A deep fear. She got to the source of it and discovered some really important things that have changed my life.

- Jaimie Nguyen

As a business executive, my free time is limited and extremely valuable.  I have turned to Jen many times for guidance on healthy living and insights into the things that bring peace of mind.  Her wisdom has helped keep me focused and on track whenever I have drifted from my path.  Her Body Code sessions are also spot on every time.  I’ve walked away from her sessions feeling lighter and more at ease with my physical body and emotional state of mind every time.  I can’t recommend them enough for those times when you are feeling over stressed!

- Javier Rendon

My session with Jeniffer both released some unconscious ‘truths’ I was holding and also illuminated places in my past that needed to be addressed, then cleared. The experience was invaluable.

- Suzanna Gratz

Jeniffer’s Body Code work has been so powerful for me. She is a gifted healer and her work is truly transformative. In just a few sessions, she was able to help me release many tightly held trauma patterns in my body that were causing me pain and holding me back in life. Jeniffer uses a painless technique which is simple, affordable and effective. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in true healing of the body and soul!

- Jennifer White

After one session with Jeniffer I felt lighter. It’s like all the things from the past that were slowing my progress and keeping me stuck have been lifted. It’s only been a week since I saw her and I continue to recognize shifts. I look forward to continuing Body Code work with her. Thank You Jeniffer!

- Tia Acevedo

Thank you again for the series of Body Code Healing Sessions. Each one brought such a sense of calm to my system while also feeling aligned within my growing understanding / embodiment / belief that we’re all energy beings in an energy world. Addressing our physical world from this vantage point makes a lot of sense at many levels to me, and it was wonderful to benefit personally from the work you’re doing. In particular I appreciate the way the subconscious leads you/us specifically where we need to go, addressing everything from emotional energy in the body, to drinking more water! The release is gentle, it feels great, and I’d love to explore more of it in my future!

- Robert Bengtson

Thank you so very much for your time today. Due to your Midas, Mystical, and Gentle Healing Gifts, My Spirit, Body & Mind are in perfect Harmony! Immediately after my session, I decided to stop at the Mollie Stones in Sausalito, to get a snack for my commute back to San Rafael. As I was walking up to the Salad Bar, a gentlemen turned and said “what an incredible dress” and I said “thank you.” Next, as I rounded the corner to peak at the soup selection, yet another gentlemen said, “Wow, that’s a beautiful dress.” Though they were both looking at my dress, there was definitely some “very” intense, Universal awareness related to a clean Beings’ energy, that had been recently awakened! Suffice it to say, my energy reads to the outside World…….I’m back!!! Blessings to you, Dear Healing Goddess, for bringing me back to my center!

- Belinda Beebe

I’ve had a number of sessions with my daughter and I feel amazing. I feel both lighter and stronger, from simply boosting my immune system from 89 to 95% in one session to clearing up my back pain in another.

- J. Pasternak

Jen is an amazing soul! My work with her has been subtle and powerful and is done in a safe space. The work assisted me in finding clarity and peace which allows me to move forward with important decisions. My confidence has increased because I now can articulate the why of my beliefs and actions. This work is for anyone who need to clarify and/or are ready to make a change in their life.

- Suzy Dito

Jeniffer is a truly remarkable healer, not only is she intuitive she is sensitive and has a deep understanding of emotional and mental blocks.

I was having intense stomach problems for over a week and I was miserably uncomfortable. Every time I ate my stomach bloated and I had to lay down and rest for two hours after I ate to recover. After two days I had to stop eating because I was in so much pain.

During our healing session –she released many of the emotional energy blocks that were making me sick. She also discovered that I had a bacteria and was led to some herbs to help me heal. After the session I went to the store to get the herbs and started taking them immediately.

Miraculously I began to feel better that same evening. The very next day I noticed a significant increase in my energy and my stomach pain had diminished by 70%. On the second day after our session my stomach was almost back to normal and I was on a clear path to recovery. I’m very grateful to Jen for her support and for my quick diagnosis and healing and would recommend her highly.

- Belinda Yanda

OK, this is absolutely incredible. Where the top of my neck has always had a knot, it’s almost gone from one session, feels amazing.

- G. Davis

Jen not only connected to spirit through me in a time when I couldn’t, but dug deeper to bring me to the ROOT of my issue (s) things that may get buried, consciously forgotten, or just ignored. I was sitting in my car releasing emotions and feeling cold chills each time she removed these blocks. I felt an immediate shift, and two days later I felt CLEAR in my mind & spirit- I thank Jen not only for her heartfelt LOVE & honest connection to spirit but also for her ability to tap into the raw, uncomfortable truth.

- N. Hanlon

I just feel better. I feel lighter. Where I would have been anxious in certain social situations, I’m not anymore. My anxiety has completely dissipated. I am sleeping so much better and I feel more open in my heart and in my life. I feel stronger. I feel clearer. I love this work. It’s a total fit for me.

- K. Dantagnan

I absolutely love my sessions with Jen and always look forward to them. She is so funny and compassionate and just ‘gets’ it. The healing method Jen uses is both fascinating and quick-acting, and makes sense on logical, emotional, and spiritual levels. I’ve definitely experienced a deep level of healing and a new sense of openness and light since working with her. Her site is aptly named; a session with Jen is a fulfilling source of true nourishment. I would recommend Jen to anyone!

- Amy Shade

I did Jen’s healing and focused on my hands which for many months were falling asleep at night-giving me that ‘pins and needles’ feeling almost every time I awoke. It’s been about a week, and It hasn’t happened since -in fact- I’ve forgotten about it!

- J. Hannan

I was so surprised how Jen was able to see the obstacle of energy in my way and help me remove it…I felt a shift that day.

- Christa Reynolds

I am a believer in the phrase, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Meeting Jen and having the opportunity to work with her, on my own personal journey of health and well being, has been a blessing. She has this incredibly positive energy that radiates from her and is contagious to those around her. Through her education, training, and practice, she has developed a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, health and healing. She uses a holistic view and incorporates multiple approaches to maximize the health benefits for her clients. Beyond her expertise, she is kind, compassionate and is truly committed to helping her clients achieve their goals. I felt an instant connection when I first began working with her. Most importantly, since I began working with Jen several months ago, I have experienced tremendous benefits in my overall health, for which I am beyond grateful. She is simply amazing!

- Laura Corsetti

Going to Jen for a healing session is like a psychic car wash. She tunes in to your awareness to get answers without your intellect getting involved. You feel more peaceful after the session. I would definetely recommend her to anyone who is seeking more relaxation and peace in their life. Jen is very compassionate and dedicated. Her intuition is amazing. Have a session and see.

- D. Fecteau

I have been working on several issues for quite a long time, a journey that was often accompanied by both hit or miss results and reliving the past instead of witnessing it and releasing it.

I had never met Jennifer, but within five minutes on the phone we were on the same page, and she was targeting my greatest challenges with a level of intuitiveness that I found to be very spiritual.

The healing arts are being transformed into a healing science.

Thank you.

- Mike Brockman

I physically felt different after the session. It’s hard to describe but there was a peacefulness, a more relaxed energy, and for me a feeling of being more focused. I know everyone is unique and each person has a different experience, but for me I would (and have) recommended this therapy to my friends and family after experiencing what the Body Code can do. I would recommend Jeniffer to anyone who is open and considering looking into this therapy.

- Tris Conley

Momo the cat: Momo’s session was very effective. She is MUCH less fearful and timid than she used to be. I’m particularly impressed with her reaction to dogs lately — I’m amazed at how nonchalant momo is around them, neither angry nor running away. She’ll be quite close to them and remain unphased, and has even jumped up right where chela is lying on the couch to sniff her a bit. All of this is new behavior for her, definitely. Also, on a recent vet visit, her weight was stable and her physical symptoms of hyperthyroidism had subsided. Thanks!

- Amy Shade

Dogs, Blue & Izzy: Jen is an amazing healer. She worked on both my dogs and we had great results.—I have two Yorkshire terriers (standard size). Blue had fear and anxiety towards children and Jen helped release this energy and now Blue is much more social with children. At the time of the session he also was pooing in the house and after the session he stopped. Izzy would occasionally become anxious at night and would bark and wake us up and he is much better at sleeping through the night. –Jen also helped release his aggression towards younger dogs– Thank you Jen!

- Belinda Y

Rudi the horse: A definite shift in Rudi! More open, expressive, curious, not afraid of everything. He is also showing his love more freely, wanting to hug me. His left hind soreness is gone. He is happy, cuddly, and standing on all four. Beautiful!

- Linda Roan

Jen is a profound talented healer who can help you make positive changes in her intuitive therapy sessions. Jen is able to quickly identify areas for physical and emotional improvement and overall health and well-being. She can help you to be more connected to your highest self and be on a path of fulfillment and happiness. Her work touches on all aspects of your life from family to work and brings balance and stability back into your life. The work in her sessions helped me to stay grounded and centered. I definitely have more self-awareness. Working with Jen is a true gift! I highly recommend her sessions for personal growth & insight on all levels whether it is learning about holistic foods or tackling a deep seated issue with family. Jen is there for you and has a true supportive and loving presence!

- Lisa Catanzaro

On Transformational Health Coaching: Jeniffer really cares how you feel; body, mind and soul. She is enthusiastic about helping you recognize the things that are going well and making collaborative plans to help you move more strongly in that direction. She is passionate about food and how to make step-by-step choices to get the most from what you eat. She gave me the necessary resources to learn about different foods, and she introduced me to a wealth of information. She works hard to ensure that the sessions meet your specific needs rather than being generic and this gave me the flexibility to fit things into my lifestyle. Highly recommended!!

- Kelli Melchiorre

On Transformational Health Coaching: Thank you Jen. You have rocked our world. I thought I was eating in a healthy way before you exposed me to superfoods and super nutrition. You gently guided us to add more nutritious food and superfoods to our diet. Four years later we are both extremely healthy and energetic and I don’t remember the last cold I had. It is a fun journey when you know you are nourishing your body mind and spirit. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

- Donna and Dennis

On Transformational Health Coaching: Jen–you have been such an extraordinary guide into finding sustainable ways to bring up energy and decrease weight! And you make it so fun too. The super foods have made me feel like i did in college (and that was like over 40 years ago–so who can even remember that far back…except my body!) My cells are even singing these days.

- M. Jaffe

On Transformational Health Coaching: Help for me came in many different areas. My work with Jen was not only about healthy super foods but also about how to stay organized and focus more energy on what mattered most. Jen is an amazing listener and showed me ways to communicate with friends, my husband and co-workers that allowed a stronger connection and balance. Her loving and direct approach helped me take lots of nonsense and drama and mobilize it with lots of fun, happy energy for me. We also created space to add small healthy nuggets to my daily life that made a big difference. I’m so happy to have upgraded my lifestyle. Thanks for all your time and love Jen!

- Geeta