About Jeniffer

A Story of Love

I am passionately attracted to health, healing and wellness. I believe that we are constantly orchestrating how our wellbeing is manifesting in the world with our thoughts, actions, emotions and feelings. I believe healing is possible for everyone in every instance -and there’s often a journey involved (voluntary or involuntary :).

I have spent years studying all different kinds of philosophies and wellness practices. My belief is that healing (mostly) is an inside job. Health and wellness are first a choice, second a practice, and eventually a lifestyle. There are many ways in and through dis-ease. My passion lies in helping clients unravel restrictive patterns that keep them stuck or cycling through the same behaviors again and again.

I have a holistic view on nutrition, health and healing. In my sessions, I work with intuition, energy and the subconscious mind to identify and easily release imbalances from the body systems to restore vital energy, wellbeing and actualize results from a place of real change.

I love meeting people where they are, using all of the different approaches I’ve studied in a way that serves and is specific to my clients based on their needs and desires in the moment.

When I am not working with clients, I enjoy travel, writing, meditation, yoga, trail hikes & runs with my dog, gardening, intimate gatherings with friends & family, creative projects, educational retreats, and being at the ocean (or any body of water).

I’m deeply honored and grateful to catalyze transformation and freedom for others. Schedule a session with me today!

the longer love story…

I’ve always been attracted to the metaphysical, I came upon my first energy healing book in a new age bookstore in my early teens. Immediately I felt drawn to this book and it would become one of my favorites to this day, Personal Power Through Awareness. I was already connected with the physical body and athletics. I was certified to teach water and land endurance courses, and later spinning, and would teach for the next ten years during high school, through college and after.

As a junior at St. Mary’s College in Moraga CA, I found myself commuting over to Sausalito (who knew I would end up living here) one evening a week to study energy medicine in a little split victorian above the hardware store on Caledonia St. with Francesca McCarthy (who has since turned her energy medicine teaching into a full university). That was my initial context in understanding how energy works, how to heal, how to read, how to differentiate mine and other’s energy (and much more). It was at this time that I began to do readings and healings for others, and I would continue to study on my own. I will never forget my favorite winter immersion course at St. Mary’s College called Eastern World Views, where we read a book a night and meditated everyday, burning incense and visiting various spiritual centers in SF and around the bay area. I was in love. I was at home. We read The Bhagavad Gita, The Tao of Pooh, Sidartha, Allen Watts, Krishnamuri, to name a few. Just thinking about this class makes me happy. It blew my mind, literally. It changed me and changed my life ;).

As is the way in this universe, when the student is ready, the teacher(s) appears. All the right books, teachers and opportunities to grow kept flowing to me. All the while I was looking at and willingly healing my own dramas/traumas and wounds and clearing the way to pull in more of this information on a true experiential level. I went through all of the PSI Seminars; The Basic, PSI-7, and Women’s Leadership (similar to Landmark but with more of a heart based, emotional context). I was then certified in level one energy healing modality called Healing Touch, a system that nurses all over the world are still using today. I then started working for a company called Whole Life who put on expos all over the country in natural health, personal development, and sustainability. I was able to work directly with the authors that I had so eagerly read and loved for years, scheduling their speaking events at our expos. It’s no surprise that next I would find (study and love to this day) yoga and meditation bringing my love for physical health inline with mind and spirit health, and more deeply understanding how it’s all connected. I’ve completed a number of meditation courses at Spirit Rock, an iRest Yoga Nidra intensive with Richard Miller, and a three-month yoga immersion, Grace & Guts with Maritza. I studied holistic nutrition combined with life coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and was certified as a Holistic Health Coach in 2006. The holistic education gave me a broader context to help others beyond the structured science of nutrition itself. Then I began to look at intuition more deeply, and studied with Laura Day in immersion weekend workshops for six years (and counting). Again, hands on readings and healings using intuition.

In 2012 I wanted to give my clients a way to unravel begrudging patterns that seem to resurface again and again limiting access to change, so I studied and was certified in Transformational Coaching Method which is based on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) which gives tools to get behind/under/near the ‘meaning’ people give to events in their lives so that they can access real change and shift future experiences. I also found, fell in love with, and was certified in the Body Code system of healing. This system of healing is so amazing and offers the perfect structure for me to bring together all of what I’ve studied over 20 years to my clients so they can comfortably access the health, healing and change they desire. It’s all here. It’s all accessible. It’s just finding a method that resonates for us and knowing that healing is possible.

I didn’t stop there! In 2016 I began a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certification that I completed in 2017. I then assisted the same training the following year (because I love this stuff so much! ;). I’m now implementing yoga teaching at retreats, with private clients and in corporate settings.