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What is the Body Code & Art of Raising Frequency Healing?

  • Body Code is a form of energy healing, which deals with balancing the body in all aspects of health.
  • Body Code is designed to uncover underlying energetic causes of imbalance. These imbalances can be layered within the physical and energy body, much like the layers of an onion.
  • This technique is not meant to replace any medical treatment, however by correcting any underlying imbalances, we help the body’s innate self-healing ability take over.
  • As a result, pain, and malfunction often disappear, the organs and glands are often better able to function as they should, energy levels often increase, and emotional issues often become manageable or nonexistent.
  • Along with Body Code, Jen uses intuition, her guides, and your guides to move between modalities based on the current moment energies.
  • Art of Raising Frequency is also incorporated, using sacred geometry discs, sound healing, and gemstones to elevate, align, and balance the physical body and the energy bodies. A personal energy grid is created allowing you to be present energetically while resting comfortably at your home.

How Does it Work?

The Body Code deals with 6 main types of imbalances, and within these, branches off into 260+ subareas covering everything from psychic traumas to held thought patterns, mercury toxicity, spirit to spirit disconnections, food sensitivities, a Heart-Wall (emotions being held around the heart), and many, many more. The main areas include:

  1. Energy Imbalances– emotional, post-traumatic, allergy or intolerance, mental, offensive, and addictive heart energy.
  2. Circuitry Imbalances– organs, glands, chakras, disconnections, meridians, and the physical body systems.
  3. Toxicity Imbalances– heavy metals, free radicals, EM spectrum, chemicals, microbial, excesses, dental, and prions.
  4. Pathogens Imbalances– parasites, fungal, bacterial, viral, and mold.
  5. Structural Imbalances– bones, nerves, muscles, connective tissue, organs and glands.
  6. Nutrition & Lifestyle Imbalances– pH imbalance, foods, herbs, nutrients, dehydration, magnetic field, malnutrition, outside needs, sleep, and color deficiency.

During a session, I am guided by your energy and body speaking to me, and my intuition guiding the flow between sound, sacred geometry, energy work, and Body Code. With Body Code, applied kinesiology is used while dialoguing with the subconscious mind to find and release imbalances to restore health. This is a very gentle and fun form of healing and most often very enjoyable for clients to experience. The release is a gentle movement with a magnet over the governing meridian several times, and a retest to make sure we have released the energy. Clients often feel immediate shifts, and their lives begin to change in succession. Sessions are done by phone or email proxy. The combination of sound, sacred geometry discs, and gemstone healing with intuitive energy work and Body Code offers a beautiful clearing and cleansing on every level of our being.


Connect with me via email to schedule your healing session, [email protected].

Investment: $180-$220, or four for $720-$800

Or, work with me live at Cavallo Point Spa,

Body Code Distance Exam

This service is a complete evaluation of the body performed by proxy via email, including kinesthetic testing for the presence of structural imbalances, low-grade pathogens, nutritional imbalances, toxins, all organ and gland circuits, trapped emotions, and the Heart-Wall. We will also determine how well your immune system is functioning, how well your brain is communicating with your organs and glands and how well your heart is communicating with the rest of your body. Includes a complete written report of findings and recommendations for future care.  This is done via e-mail. Connect with me to schedule your session, [email protected].

Investment: $297

Note: This is an evaluation only, and does not include any releasing or correcting of imbalances.

Working With Animals


Animals are sensitive and feel much the same as we do! I feel a particular kinship with animals and find it so very rewarding working with them, especially when I hear feedback of alleviated physical issues/injuries, relief of sudden behavioral or mood changes, or simply that they are more responsive, have an increase in energy, seem more connected with their owner, express more joy and higher well-being. It’s a beautiful gift all the way around for everyone! Sessions are done by proxy (in person considered if you are close by :). Connect with me via email to schedule your session, [email protected].

If you reside in southern Marin County, I am also available for overnight pet/home care,

Investment: $120-$160, or four for $480-$600


Working with Children (ages 0-12)


Email proxy sessions for little loved ones! This will include trapped emotions, heart-wall emotions, and any imbalances that come up to be released and cleared.

Investment: $80-$120 single session, or $320-$400 for four email sessions, [email protected]

Releasing the Heart-Wall

When we go through painful experiences and our heart hurts, the subconscious mind can organize excess energies in the body to create a barrier around the heart to shield us from pain. Trapped emotions are the most common excess energy in the body for nearly everyone, and the subconscious uses them to build the Heart-Wall. This self-protective wall acts like a barrier, keeping us from emotional pain that we might otherwise feel deeply, but at the same time, it also numbs us to feeling joy and other positive emotions. It will also keep us from truly connecting with others, block love from getting in and out, and keep us from creating and achieving the desires of our heart. Our heart is not only the core of who we are emotionally, but it is now known to be a second brain, continually sending messages to the entire body. More information is constantly being discovered about how important the heart really is. Removing the Heart-Wall is a beautiful gift for overall healing and balance.

Investment: $550. (email sessions, usually 3-5 total),  [email protected]

Corporate/Private Meditation + Yoga Instruction

Yoga + Meditation are beautiful practices to incorporate into your wellness routine. Whether you’re in your office with a small group or a private session in your home, Jen comes with 300+ hours of YTT, and 15 years of practice to help everybody at every level feel more health, vitality, and wellbeing. Connect with her here to schedule, [email protected]

If you are in need, please inquire about sliding scale offerings.

Please note: I have a 24-hour cancelation policy with all of my offerings. Thank you!