Being = Having

Being = Having.
This is one of those concepts that feels counterintuitive but when we just take a moment to think about it, makes perfect sense.

Remember a time when you were deeply in love. That state of being was infectious. Everywhere you went people seemed to radiate with you. You were ‘being’ the vibration of deep love and the world was responding with that vibration. That’s an example of being = having.

Sometimes when we feel down about what we are creating (or not creating), if we feel lonely or discouraged or disappointed, guess what we see all around us in our world? We see the reflection of that energy; we see the mirror of what we are being.

We are always going to have all different kinds of feelings, thankfully. This is simply a tool, an awareness that it doesn’t have to be an if-when, it can be a yes-and. We can start to see that what we are being is creating what we are seeing. And so, if we don’t like what we’re seeing, we can question what we are being (aka; feeling) and get to the heart of what’s underneath. This allows tremendous freedom all the time. And a quicker return to our true nature at the highest level where we are orchestrating our having by what we are being in every moment.

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