let go to receive

In my experience, as we move towards, and rest in a life we love, we have to continually let go. Because we know nothing is permanent, practicing non-attachment invites a present moment noticing, an awareness that continually asks of us to allow what is. It’s really a movement between intentional action and letting go. We can (and should) be super clear about what it is we want, and in particular why, and enjoy ‘feeling’ having it. But as we move towards achieving, we have to give space to the how, when, and with whom part of the equation.

Don’t give up on the dreams you have. When fears come up, and they will, break into them with inquiry. Shrink them down by getting clarity. This process stretches the boundary that fear creates until we find we’re on the outside of it. The cycle will continue, new fears will arise but in the process of meeting them, we grow and become and stretch into ever-greater versions of who we are becoming until ‘having’ whatever we want finds us.

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