Welcome Autumn!

I’m finally feeling the full rush of Fall. The crisper morning air as I run through the trees in the morning, the darkness that is slowly enveloping our morning and evening light, and the magical swirl of winds that spin the colorful leaves around like pieces of paper confetti at a celebration.

It is a celebration of sorts; the changing of the season is both exciting and familiar. As we watch our outer world shift, we too are shifting from the spontaneity of late summer, and early autumn, a more active, outward, yang time of year, to a more decisive, softer, inward, yin time of year.

Transitions are opportunities for transformation. Fall is a perfect time of year for turning things over both in our homes and our bodies, a time to purge, plan, get clear, and take needed action before winter. It’s also harvest time. We celebrate with colorful veggies and more warming foods as we gather, both inwardly, and with loved ones and friends.

Join me for a Body Code session, or several, to gift yourself or your loved ones (furry or human) a beautiful opportunity of space, clarity, and release, while moving into the season with joy, energy, peace, and balance. Connect with me here, [email protected]. Read more about my work here, https://thisnourishedlife.com/healing-coaching/. If you are looking for an uplifting gift for the holidays, check out my book, Be Well: 100 Ways to Heal, https://thisnourishedlife.com/the-book/.

I look forward to our session & wish you an exquisite Autumn!

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