Love from the inside

I keep being gently reminded that love is an inside job. Yes, it’s beautiful when love is twinkling around us from the various people, places and things we meet on our path, but it twinkles outside because it’s active inside. It’s not exclusive; it’s inclusive. But sometimes it seems like we block love, or rather, that our own love light is out. During these times we need to recover it, we need to uncover it, free from other influences. It’s always there but it can get layered with the loudness of life. It can get covered with clutter. It can get clouded with confusion. In the end, there is only one key holder and we’re it. We hold the key to our own love, to loving our life lusciously and unconditionally. One simple tool for rediscovery, in these moments, is gratitude. When we can find what we are grateful for, we are moving back into love. Another tool is curiosity. Curiosity is so brilliant for breaking into judgment, in particular self-judgment. Meeting moments with curiosity alleviates heaviness and opens our heart to the love that is our innate nature.

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