The Power of Thought

What brings you tremendous peace, fills you with joy and curls the edges of your lips up into a smile when you think of it? Close your eyes now, take a deep breath and remember for a few moments with as much detail as possible. Bring the colors, emotions, sounds, smells and even the temperature vividly into your sphere of thought. Remember everything about this experience and stay with it as long as you are able.
Your memory and imagination are powerful. Did you know that thinking about a pleasant memory, or looking at a beautiful photo, elicits the same happy brain activity as the actual experience itself? This is true. What we think about matters (a great deal). In any given day, there are both positive and negative experiences around and within us. It is completely up to us what we choose to put our energy and attention towards, and that which we focus on expands. The same is true in the saying, what we resist persists.
Taking a few moments and experiencing the exercise above is one amazing tool if you find yourself in lower vibration thoughts and energy and want an immediate lift. (Repeat often : )

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