Let Your Love Flow

Let your love flow like a mountain stream,
 and let your love grow with the smallest of dreams,
 and let your love show,
 and you’ll know what I mean, it’s the season….

Somehow these lyrics are flowing in my mind this morning. After all, we are sitting in the middle of love month and it’s the day after Valentines Day! It’s amazing how many opportunities we are given on a daily basis to love.

Love isn’t something we need to wait for, or go get; it’s our true nature, It’s who we are at the core of our being. And love begets love, just like kindness begets kindness. So, yes, the feeling of love can expand or contract depending on what’s going on and who we are interacting with. However, we have a choice in every moment and an opportunity with how to meet it.

Do you have a love tribe? It feels so good to be with people who fluff our feathers (genuinely), who see us and love us up into greater levels of expansion and the truth of who we are. These are people and events that we feel so good in and after. More and more as we move into our authentic inner nature of love we easily attract the same in our outer experience and that which is not in line falls easily out of our realm of experience altogether.

So, how do we get there if we are not feeling like our outer world is matching our inner LOVE consciousness? It always starts with us and our hearts and our inner love feeling. Is it burning bright? If not, what lights your love flame? Check in. Be aware. Choose. Move into your own love feeling and you will attract the same in your outer experience.

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