Find Balance in Chaos

Feeling shaken, or out of sorts? Try this little gem of a practice… Sit quietly for a moment and breathe as deeply as you can. Envision your breath reaching all the way into your lowest abdomen. Exhale even slower, extending your exhale even longer than your inhale-sending a signal to your parasympathetic nervous system that it’s OK to relax and calm down. Do this for several breaths and then envision taking your energy up way above your head and connecting with the sun or light energy. When you feel this energy, bring it down into your body and imagine it washing away any tension or disharmony from your head to the tips of your toes moving slowly through each area of your body. Bring that light energy all the way down through your feet and deep, deep into the earth until you feel a sense of peace, calm and being held. Take that earth energy back up in through your feet, and allow both energies to meet at your heart center and radiate out 360 degrees around you, filling the whole space around your body with this lovely blend of energies. Notice your own energy and how you feel now. Enjoy sitting and breathing in the incredible fullness of peace and love and you!

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