The Fog Always Lifts

This morning I awakened reminded of a card my mom gave me 20 years ago that I kept for a very long time that read “The fog always lifts to allow for clear vision”. These words resonated with me so strongly as I was, at the time, embarking on a major transition in my life. Today, as I opened my eyes I knew what I would see out of my window instead of the usual expansive bay view with angel island and glistening sunlight dancing over the water. My ears had already informed my mind with the sweet mixed array of fog horns deep and wide with brassy tones that signaled whereabouts of ferries scooting by other passing boats and ships in the waters. Sure enough, the bay fog was in, not one glimmer of water, island, or east bay.

Immediately, the word that came to me was BELIEVE. Even though we don’t see something clearly in our vision, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. As we dance our lives dream, we must KNOW that seeing is NOT always believing. Believing is seeing.

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